We Apply and Audit the Highest Standards

We work with business partners who value people and nature, are reliable, respectable, have quality standards and necessary certifications.

Value for Human, Respect for Nature

We love the world and care about the people who help us bring our products to life. That’s why we apply ourselves and our suppliers to the highest standards to ensure everyone is treated with dignity and respect. We closely follow the waste and environmental management of each vendor we work with to reduce our environmental impact. We visit and evaluate every link of our supply chain. We check compliance with our quality standards at all stages.

Detailed information about our Environmental Policy


Fair, Respectful and Trustworthy

We support safe, respectful workplaces through our supplier code of conduct. We follow fair working hours practices of our suppliers and distributors. .

Natural Environment and Ecosystem

The suppliers of the raw materials we use in our product ingredients, the R&D laboratories, and the universities we cooperate with do not test on animals "in any way" and issue periodic declarations on this subject.

Detailed information about our No to Animal Testing and Vegan Policy



We inspect our suppliers periodically and make reporting. We part ways with our suppliers who are unwilling or insufficient in development.

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