Where can I buy Mamaaura products?

You can find our products in retail pharmacies, clinics, and online sales platforms. You can find authorized online sellers here. At the same time, you can reach our products from pharmacies, dermatology clinics, and personal care chains. Review Offline Channel Sellers

Why are there 2 different products to combat stretch marks?
Couldn’t the crack problem be fixed with just 1 product?

The basis of our approach is that although vitamin A accelerates cell regeneration, an overdose of vitamin A during pregnancy is risky for the fetus. Therefore, while our product for removing existing stretches is rich in vitamin A, our product to prevent crack formation does not contain vitamin A.

Are Mamaaura products medicine?

Our products are cosmetic products produced according to Pharmaceutical Production Quality Standards.

Why are there additional explanations for Health professionals?

Many of our products are prescribed by physicians to support treatment. In addition, our products are mostly met with consumers in pharmacies and clinics. That’s why we try to support health professionals by referring to the literature about the content of our products. And ultimately all Mamaaura products are developed with healthcare professionals and mothers.

I want to give ideas to Mamauara for product development, what should I do?

Think you have a great idea? Please do not hesitate to cooperate with us to bring it to life, we will be very pleased about it. We would be happy to enter into confidentiality and royalty agreements with you before you tell us your opinion. Then we can develop your idea together and start the project work.

I am not satisfied with the Mamaaura product I purchased, what should I do now?

Customer satisfaction is our focus, you can return or change any of our products that did not create 100% satisfaction for you. You can review our customer satisfaction policy here. Contact Now


Contact Now

Please do not hesitate to contact us for detailed information about all our products. You can reach us from Monday to Friday between 10:00 and 16:00 by calling 0850 346 6262 or by sending an e-mail to

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