We are in favor of establishing a real connection with social media users and influencers. Because we believe that effective communication is possible only when it is based on “relationships”. As with any relationship, first impressions are key. Now that you're here, we think we're starting to get attracted to each other.☻

Followers Aren't Just Numerical Values

We believe that a true and effective relationship is about authenticity. For this reason, original and objective content is the leading criteria for us in the relationship we will establish, in other words, quality rather than quantity guides our relationship. We establish a unique friendship with each content producer we collaborate with.

We Support Creative Freedom

Sharing your Mamaaura experience is very valuable. Your followers trust you because you present your experience in an authentic way. That's why we support our collaborating business partners to freely share their Mamaaura experiences. Thinking outside the box and creating your own is a true Mamaaura aesthetic.


Mamaaura Ambassadors

We consider our relationship with the content producers we collaborate with not as an advertising outlet, but as ambassadors for Mamaaura. So much so that the feedback from our business partners shapes the brand strategy. It does not seem possible to us to carry out such a personalized relationship through agencies, so we must advance this long-term sustainable relationship one-on-one.

We are happy to meet you

If you've come this far, we're perfect for each other ☻ We still have a lot of great ideas to talk about. To contact us, you can call 0850 346 62 62 or you can send an e-mail to.

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