Unconditional and Termless Return & Exchange

In the cosmetics industry, we do not find it fair not to return or exchange products that have been opened or whose packaging has been worn out. How do we know if we are satisfied without using a product? If Mamaaura customers are not satisfied after using our products, they can return or change the product within 30 days following the purchase date.

Globalization in Satisfaction

No matter where you bought our product from, you can return or change a product in Turkey even you bought the product in Germany. Or you can start the return/change process immediately by contacting us for the product you bought from the pharmacy.

You Don’t Have To Explain For Returns And Changes

It is very important for us to listen to your complaints and suggestions. We direct our formulations, packaging, and service quality with your feedback. When you want to return or change, we do not try to find excuses to avoid this situation. Your request is enough to start the process.

We Take All the Responsibility

We naturally take full responsibility for our products and services to our customers who have trusted and purchased Mamaaura products. We cover all shipping costs incurred when you want to return or exchange our product, which could not compose %100 satisfaction for our customer.


We Direct Courier for Returns and Changes

The majority of Mamaaura customers are working women, pregnant women, and new mothers. We do not want our customers to bother to go to the courier office to send return cargo. Thus, we direct the courier for return or exchange cargoes, according to the schedule specified by our customer, and ensure that the return is received.

Return Payments

We find the return procedures of banks to be long in return payments (1-14 business days), so in order not to keep you waiting for refund payments, we send the refund payment to your bank account within 1 business day from the date of your return request, via EFT / Money Order.

Return or Change a Product Now

We are very sorry that our products did not create 100% satisfaction for you. . Please allow us to at least perfect the return and exchange experience. You can contact us at 0850 346 6262 or for product return and change.

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