For us, every one of our customers is special.

All of our Mamaaura branded products have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. As Mamaaura, we aim for excellence in customer experience with our customer-oriented approach.

We Seek for Excellence in Customer Experience

We do our job with passion, and we carry out our business processes with innovative thinking, solutionoriented approach and speaking the same language with our customers. We produce business solutions with our "Happy Customer" motto.

We Approach Solution-Focused

We do not find it fair not to accept returns on used or damaged packaging. We also accept returns/exchanges for damaged or opened products. After using the product, we accept the return/exchange requests of our products that do not provide 100% satisfaction. Check our Easy Return and Exchange Policy.


Mamaaura Customer Services

We try to resolve the demands of our customers very quickly and with the result expected by our customers. You can reach our customer service representatives on 0850 346 62 62 or at and all social media platforms.

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